The Different Manifestations of Social Anxiety Disorder - (2023)

Abstract: This is an argumentative paper about the effects that Social Anxiety has on someone with the disorder. Most people think that Social Anxiety isn't that serious of a disorder and that the person is just shy or quiet. Many people who have Social Anxiety turn to unreasonable means to help them ease through their day such as drug and alcohol abuse. Social Anxiety also leads to other disorders such as frequent panic attacks and developing a stutter. The effects of social anxiety are far worse than what those who have the disorder choose to show. Social Anxiety is defined as "the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness" (Richards, 2014). When most people think about the term Social Anxiety, they think of the quiet person that used to sit at the back of the class, however Social Anxiety can be far worse than that.

Social Anxiety affects the brain diferently than ordinary nervousness, it produces the same feeling as nervousness but the feeling is deeper and more intense than normal. The feelings are also uncontrollable, they know that there is no reason they should be feeling so terrified and nervous, however there isn't really anything that they can do to stop these feelings short of medication or counseling. Social anxiety is also different for every person some people may be terified of public speaking but not of meeting new people, some people could be the opposite. People with Social Anxiety usually turn to drug and alcohol abuse as it helps to calm them and combat the usual feelings of nervousness, depression, and panic. It also may help the person talk to others and interact and be a part of a social situation if they are intoxicated. There are both long and short term effects when people have a Social Anxiety attack including "panic attacks, loss of breath, passing out, stuttering, crying, alcoholism, use of prescription drugs, use of illegal drugs, smoking, development of other mental health disorders, cancer, etc." (Holmes, 2006). Panic attacks are more serious than people believe, they can cause "heart palpitations, sweating, chest pains, shortness of breath, dizziness, and depersonalization," because of an "intense fear that arises quickly" (Plante, 2004).

Social Anxiety is more than a disorder, it is a gateway to other disorders and it is both mentally and socially taxing. Social Anxiety disorder can lead to stuttering as often times those with the disorder know what to say beforehand however when they try to say it the feelings of nervousness and panic overwhelm them and cause them to forget what they were going to originally say. This is normally followed by stuttering as the person tries to quickly think of something to say and when they can't they stutter. Stuttering can occur at any time to anyone, but those who suffer from Social Anxiety and other related disorders on average stutter more than people who don't (Gold, Simon, Smith, & Pointer, 2012). Stuttering, in a human sense, is seen as being weak and not as intellectual as others, which causes more self-esteem issues to people who have Social Anxiety. While it's not impossible to overcome Social Anxiety it is however very difficult as those with the disorder are not necessarily the type to ask for help when they need it. Social Anxiety is also a huge part of that person's life as they are faced with its challenges every single day. There is more than one type of counseling, clinicians may "include behavior modification, biofeedback, cognitive retraining and rehabilitation" (Todd & Bohart, 1999). Clinicians may use personality assessments such as the Thematic Apperception Test, and the Bender-Motor-Gestalt Test to help treat, and diagnose the possible disorders you do have (Todd & Bohart, 1999).

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Use of these tests can help to determine what is wrong with someone and allow the clinician to better treat them. Since Social Anxiety is such a unique disorder it's hard to treat as the act of going to counseling is the opposite of help. Since someone with Social Anxiety is afraid of talking to people they don't know on a personal level, opening up to a complete stranger. Even though the stranger they are going to talk to is a liscenced professional and is going to help said person, s/he will still be fearful to open up or even speak to the counselor. This then leads most people who suffer from Social Anxiety to go untreated and undiagnosed, which can then lead to more serious mental health and other health risks. It is very difficult for someone who suffers from this disorder to open up to anyone, which in turn leaves them by themselves most of the time, which isn't healthy for the brain. When someone has Social Anxiety, more often than not they are prescribed medications that they take everyday to help with triggers, and also have another medication they can take when they are feeling like a panic attack could occur. There are certain medications that someone with Social Anxiety would need to be prescribed. Since someone with Social Anxiety is missing certain endorphins in their brain, they have to be prescribed a certain drug that contains what they are missing in their brain.

Also they need to have medicine at their disposal in case of any anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Medication is important for people who suffer because as before stated it is very difficult for someone who suffers from this disorder to open up and speak to a psychologist. However, since this certain medication is needed to make their brain function normally they become very dependent on it. Social Anxiety is a gateway to other mental health disorders. Since they are normally by themselves they can become depressed and even develop clinical depression. More often than not someone who suffers from Social Anxiety does end up developing other disorders, however the disorders are often undiagnosed and untreated. People who suffer from this disorder can become more revered which can cause others to judge them and because the victim doesn't believe something is wrong can take it harshly.


They can end up developing bipolar disorder and anger issues because of they ways they react due to how other humans treat them. Many times someone who suffers from one disorder also suffers from more than one. The brain is lacking certain chemicals to allow the person to react normally to emotions/situations; since the brain is lacking the chemicals that causes one disorder, it could also be lacking the same chemicals or more chemicals that cause disorders/brain malfunctions. Panic attacks are ways victims of Social Anxiety react to uncomfortable situations and circumstances. A panic attack is described as a time when the brain can stop process a situation correctly and the victim's heart rate can raise significantly and their breathing can become strained. Panic attacks are often not prepared for and can even be very excruciating for the victim. Many times the vicim cannot stop the panic attack from happening and can end up fainting from lack of air due to the fact the chest closes up.

As before stated, there are medications that can be taken to help with the imposed threat of a panic attack. To someone who suffers from Social Anxiety, a panic attack is the worst way for the disorder to be shown, because an attack can be violent and loud, it is very visible. Victims wouldn't want others to help when they are experiencing an attack because of their fear of interacting with someone they don't know. Even vice versa, if someone were to do the opposite of help and start to judge the victim, it could cause the victim to develop even severe mental health issues and even possibly havea worse attack.

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