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Monster Hunter World took the world by storm thanks to its release on all major platforms, great graphics, amazing variety in gameplay, and the good old monster hunting formula that has worked for the franchise for so long.

The sheer number of ways to play the game has always been one of the series’ greatest strengths, and the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion is no different.

With so many weapons to choose from, it can be very difficult to know the purpose for each and every one of them, not to mention that not all of them are equally good for use. With the Iceborne expansion, there has been even more content added to the game which makes it even more time-consuming to select the perfect weapons that suit your needs.

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  1. 1. Greatsword
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  4. 4. Switch Axe
  5. 5. Sword and Shield
  6. 6. Hammer
  7. 7. Insect Glaive
  8. 8. Light Bowgun
  9. 9.Dual Blades
  10. 10. Lance

Fortunately, we’ve created a thorough list of the very best Monster Hunter World: Iceborne solo weapons that are the best in single-player situations to save your time and effort. So, let’s get started!

1. Greatsword

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (1)

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When it comes to playing solo, it’s almost no surprise that the Greatsword takes the number one spot. It deals a very large number of HP damage very quickly and has the perfect speed-to-strength ratio that other weapons fail to provide.

Not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly long too on top of everything else, so you’ll be able to read larger monsters without having to be riskily close to them.

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With the ability to charge it while using and the fact that it blocks several attacks that other blades can’t due to balancing issues – the Greatsword is easily the best Monster Hunter World: Iceborne weapon to use in solo gameplay.

2.Charge Blade

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (5)

Not many weapons offer a combination of defensive and offensive options in the same package, but the Charge Blade is an exception. It provides you with a sword and a shield at the same time, while there’s also an axe mode on the side that allows you to deal a larger number of HP damage to the monsters.

However, despite how great this weapon is for use, it’s not meant for everyone. It’s quite complex and takes players a long time to learn it properly, to to mention how much winding up it needs for its most powerful ability. If you’re tired of the basic stuff, this weapon is exactly what you need to try next.

3. Heavy Bowgun

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (6)

Don’t worry gun users, the top three weapons in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne aren’t solely made up of swords. The Heavy Bowgun is an amazing weapon that has a very deadly range and extremely powerful attacks. If you don’t like to get close to your enemies, you’re in for a treat due to how much damage you can deal to the monsters with this weapon without even risking your in-game life.

There is a lot of customization to be had, so picking the one that suits you best can be a bit of a long task. But once you’re ready, it’s worth your time.

4. Switch Axe

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (7)

Many players prefer to have defensive options when they go out on their journey to take down some big monsters. However, some people prefer to go head-first in danger and destroy everything in their way before it has a chance to even react. For those people, the Switch Axe is the perfect weapon because of how powerful it is.

It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you beat up a few monsters with it, you’ll see how insanely powerful it is and the fact that you won’t have to pull out in the middle of a battle is certainly a big plus.

5. Sword and Shield

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (8)

While many weapons offer both offense and defense at the same time in Monster Hunter World, it’s not always the best in either of the two statistics because the weapon always focuses on one aspect more. That’s far from the truth for the classic Sword and Shield loadout, thankfully, as it offers an equal amount of both offensive and defensive options to the player.

You can have great agility with this weapon as it’s lightweight enough to let you go around, but at the same time it’s damaging enough for you to let it aid you in your solo battles.

6. Hammer

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (9)

Lightweight weapons are great and all – but nothing beats the feeling of a powerful hammer. It’s a very heavy weapon but at the same time your characters will be able to handle it pretty well in terms of mobility. If you’re going against a large monster and don’t want to spend a long time fighting it, this will certainly make things better for you.

It can induce brain injury to enemies, stun-lock them, and generally deal a lot of damage. So, if you want to beat monsters without having to worry much about strategy, then go nuts with the Hammer.

7. Insect Glaive

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (10)

Forget being offensive or defensive. Let’s be flashy for a moment with the Insect Glaive, as it’s a weapon meant for those who like to play video games stylishly. It allows you to be very acrobatic, as you can launch yourself around enemies only to beat them with it at the same time.

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It’s powerful enough to cause a lot of damage but it does not sacrifice on mobility which makes it a very good weapon in many ways. And if you particularly have trouble with land-based monsters – or wish to reach airborne ones more easily, then launching yourself with this weapon is going to be a treat for you.

8. Light Bowgun

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (11)

The Heavy Bowgun is arguably a better overall package, but that doesn’t mean that the Light Bowgun is useless. It’s a pretty good weapon with a fast fire rate and great speed, which allows you to strategically fight monsters and target their weak spots.

Thanks to the customization offered for the weapon, you can get specific kinds of ammo that suit certain situations better and use your knowledge to deal extra damage to certain monsters. It will just take longer than the Heavy counterpart to win a battle against larger enemies.

9.Dual Blades

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (12)

No hack and slash video game’s complete without the ability to dual-wield your weapons. That’s where the Dual Blades come in, as it’s a weapon light enough for your character to hold two of but still allows for great damage potential.

You can move very quickly with these blades and there’s a very stylish set of moves available for you at all times too, which makes you look like an action hero at all times.

It’s easily one of the best weapons in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne if you’re in for some sweet solo gameplay.

10. Lance

MHW: Iceborne Solo Weapons Tier List (2023) | GamesBustop (13)

We’ve discussed many weapons in the list that allow the player to be as offensive as they want, and have a little bit of defense on their side too.

So, it’s only fair that we end the list with a weapon that prioritizes defense over everything else. Lance is a weapon that is meant for gamers who love to strategize their attacks, similar to the Light Bowgun.

You have great blocking capabilities which raise the defensive statistics to a high level, but the damage output is quite low so you will have to make sure you’re attacking the enemy’s weak points at all times.

It’s a time-consuming weapon and certainly not for everyone – but if you want the ultimate defense, then this is for you.

That’s it for our guide of the best Monster Hunter World: Iceborne solo weapons that you can use in 2022.

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We hope that this guide helped you find the best weapon suited for your preferences, and we’re here to clear up any questions that you might have.

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