Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster - Flat Black (2023)

Solidbody Electric Guitar with Alder Body, Maple Neck and Fingerboard, and Three DiMarzio Humbucking Pickups - Flat Black

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Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster - Flat Black (2)

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Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster - Flat Black

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Built for Billy's signature tone!

The Billy Corgan Stratocaster puts one of the most distinctive-sounding tone tools of modern rock in your hands! Built to Corgan's specs, the Billy Corgan Stratocaster includes three DiMarzio humbuckers (two of which are custom for this guitar), a string-through-body hardtail bridge, and satin nitrocellulose finish. An exact copy of the instrument Billy currently tours with, this Strat is a fitting tribute to the leader of the Smashing Pumpkins - a band famous for massively layered guitar sounds. Celebrate an alt-rock guitar hero with the Billy Corgan Stratocaster!

Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster at a Glance:

  • Body and neck
  • Unique touches

Body and neck
Like most Strats, the Billy Corgan Stratocaster's body is constructed from alder, a wood chosen for its excellent all-around tonal response with a special sweet spot in the low-midrange. This gives the Billy Corgan Stratocaster a tone that's built for rocking. The neck is maple - also a Strat standard - with a maple fingerboard to add some extra bite to your tone. The maple headstock is modeled after the 1970s-style headstocks for a touch of vintage Strat flavor.

Unique touches
While the body and neck are not uncommon to a typical Strat, everything else is purely Billy, and built for tone! The Billy Corgan Stratocaster boasts a hardtail bridge - a departure from the tremolo bridges Strat's typically come loaded with. This Strat comes in either black or white (satin lacquer finishes) with opposite-colored pickguards. Nested inside the pickguard are three DiMarzio pickups, two of which are custom-built for this guitar. The bridge and neck pickups are Billy Corgan Single-spaced Humbuckers with a Chopper residing in the middle position.

Not only are the pickups unique on this built-for-tone axe, but the pickup switching offers a ton of sonic flexibility. Per normal Strat configuration, the "1" position offers the bridge pickup soloed. Position two activates the inside coil of the bridge position and the middle pickup with both blades engaged. Position three is the middle humbucker soloed, while the "4" slot is the full humbucker middle pickup paired with the outside coil of the neck pickup. Rounding out the pickup options, position five the neck pickup in soloed full humbucking mode. Needless to say, tone-chasing guitarists will love this guitar!

Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster Features:

  • Color: Flat Black, Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer Body Finish
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Maple, Modern "C" Shape (Satin Polyurethane Finish)
  • Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5" Radius
  • 22 Jumbo Frets
  • 1 Special Design DiMarzio Billy Corgan Single-spaced humbucking pickup (Neck),
  • 1 DiMarzio Chopper pickup (Middle),
  • 1 Special Design DiMarzio Billy Corgan Single-spaced humbucking pickup (Bridge)
  • Controls: Master Volume, 2 Tone
  • Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade
  • Bridge: American Strat Strings-Through-Body Hard Tail Bridge with Stainless Steel Saddles
  • Machine Heads: Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Pickguard 3-Ply
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Width at Nut: 1.6875"
  • Large '70s-style headstock shape with large matching headstock logo
  • Vintage Tweed Case included
  • Accessories: Cable, Strap, Polishing Cloth

An alt-rock tone machine with Fender's Billy Corgan Stratocaster!

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Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0115002806

Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster - Flat Black (8)

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Fender Billy Corgan Stratocaster - Flat Black (10)

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