11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (2023)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (also known as DEI) in the workplace is fortunately not a brand new concept to most companies, but it can be a challenging field to navigate as it continues to evolve.

It’s no longer enough for a company to simply release a statement on its stance against racism, sexism, ageism, etc. It’s not enough to write a check to your local philanthropic organization. Supporting DEI activities is no longer seen as solely an HR competency that’s discussed at annual HR conferences.

Diversity and inclusion efforts are a necessary & vital piece of a successful company culture that fosters equality amongst all employees. You can partner with a company like Bambee to help you create a more inclusive working environment.

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (1)

A robust DEI program should extend beyond recruiting a diverse workforce and mandatory corporate training programs. Great DEI activities help bring your DEI pillars to life. Rather than reading about the importance of diversity and inclusion, employees are able to experience the significance of DEI in action.

Free bonus: Download the 11 Diversity & Inclusion Statistics That Will Change How You Do Business. If your leadership team or key stakeholders need a bit of a nudge, this fact sheet showcases some of the most compelling D&I statistics around.

Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, stated that,

“The best innovations can only come if our people reflect the world’s full diversity of individuals, opinions, and approaches.” This inclusive mindset has a direct impact on not only the culture of a company but its revenue potential as well.

In a McKinsey & Company DEI report, they found that “companies in the top quartile of gender diversity on executive teams were 25 percent more likely to experience above-average profitability than peer companies in the fourth quartile.”

Additionally, when it came to ethnic and cultural diversity, they saw a similar spike in profitability. Companies in the top quartile outperformed those in the fourth as it relates to profitability by 36%.

With the rise in hybrid and remote work, it can be harder than ever to host diversity and inclusion exercises for your teams. Don’t worry– we’re here to help you navigate how to host fun and useful DEI activities both in person and virtually!

Before we share our favorite diversity activities, let’s first define the components of DEI and just what exactly DEI activities are.

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What are Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Activities?

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (2)

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Activities (or DEI activities for short) are exercises you can do with your team to promote a workplace culture that values every employee’s unique individuality while also creating a sense of acceptance and belonging.

While diversity, equity, and inclusion are related concepts, they do have their own distinct definitions and values.

  • Diversity in the workplace means your workforce is made up of people of different races, genders, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and additional background factors.
  • Equity in the workplace means all employees are treated in a fair and just way. A crucial part of equity is ensuring that every individual employee has what they need to succeed and opportunities to do so.
  • Inclusion in the workplace means creating an environment where groups who may have been historically excluded due to gender, race, sexuality, etc., are actively included and valued for their different perspectives.

It’s critical that all three of these concepts are embedded in your company culture and goals.

Now that we understand what DEI is and what DEI activities are, let’s talk about 11 tangible ways you can bring valuable DEI activities to your team!

List of Diversity and Inclusion Activities For Your Team

1) Support DEI Mission-Driven Brands

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (3)

Supporting brands with a DEI focus is an easy way to begin implementing a DEI initiative at your company. Consider partnering with a black-founded brand or a corporate wellness company that compliments your DEI efforts.

What this diversity activity supports: This DEI activity helps to uplift minority brands who may have been overlooked or are struggling to compete against larger, more established companies and fosters an inclusive workplace.

Tip: Create a diversity and inclusion moment during a meeting by encouraging your team to share 1 of their favorite brands, companies, or products that are either minority-owned or pushing DEI efforts forward in an impactful way.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Stock the break room with diverse brands of all shapes and sizes. There are tons of delicious snacks out there that are healthy to boot!

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Send employees the Amplify Gift Box, which includes exciting products from emerging companies that are women, black, or people of color founded brands.

2) Find Out How Employees Feel

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (4)

This may seem like an obvious step in launching a DEI project or initiative, but it’s often overlooked. You want to ensure that the roadmap and activities planned are meeting your team’s needs and expectations. It’s also important to set milestone check-ins with your employees to gauge the effectiveness of your diversity and inclusion exercises and overall employee satisfaction levels with the larger DEI initiative.

What this diversity activity supports: Finding out how your employees feel creates a happy workplace where every employee has the opportunity to voice their unique perspectives.

Tip: Don’t limit this practice only to DEI. Gather feedback from your team on other key business and workplace topics as well. You can get more acitionable tips by downloading the free 11 Diversity & Inclusion Statistics That Will Change How You Do Business

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➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Print and circulate a DEI survey in the office and set up a dropbox where employees can deliver their surveys anonymously.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Utilize Bonusly to create and launch an employee engagement survey encouraging your employees to share their candid feedback.

3) Play DEI Themed Games

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (5)

Whether looking to host an online group game, find the perfect icebreaker, or host an event in person, there are many DEI-themed games you can do with your team. DEI games allow your team to learn, grow, and have fun all at once.

What this diversity activity supports: Participating in DEI games is a fun way to support employee engagement & learning while also creating a sense of belonging.

Tip: We recommend encouraging team members to participate in DEI games, but not requiring them to do so. Everyone’s comfort level varies depending on the activity and engagement tends to be higher when employees opt in.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Host a fun office activity like Step Apart, Step Together. In this game, 2 team members step apart when the team calls out something they have a difference and step together when they share a similarity. It’s a great way to celebrate differences but shows that commonality exists as well.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: If you’re looking for a virtual event idea, partner with an awesome vendor like Confetti who offers DEI-centered experiences.

4) Share Real Life Stories

DEI training courses can sometimes fall flat when it comes to bringing the importance of DEI to life. Sharing real-life stories add a much-needed personal touch to DEI activities and encourage employees to open up and be empathetic. This is also an awesome way for your employees to get to know one another on a deeper level and appreciate each individual’s experiences & perspective.

What this diversity activity supports: This activity is a great employee engagement idea as it encourages employees to share and actively listen to one another.

Tip: Set some parameters around this activity so people don’t feel forced to share or cornered into speaking about something they’re not comfortable with.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Host small, optional group sessions in the office led by a DEI professional.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Encourage employees to share their unique stories on a company-wide recognition platform like Nectar.

5) Host A DEI-Focused Lunch And Learn

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (6)

Lunch and learns are a great team-building activity for work because they provide your employees with an opportunity to collectively learn about an engaging topic. Hosting DEI-focused lunch and learn events are a non-intimidating way for your employees to learn more about DEI topics in a more relaxed setting.

What this diversity activity supports: DEI lunch and learns is a fun way to motivate employees to continue their DEI learning journey.

Tip: Generate excitement around the event by sending out invite information well ahead of the event date. Consider recording the lunch and learn session for those who can’t attend.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Partner with a local minority-owned restaurant to have food delivered to the office for your lunch and learn session.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Ahead of your remote lunch and learn, send your employees a digital credit card so they can order from a local restaurant or eatery.

(Video) CarpentryCon 2022: The Carpentries Toolkit of IDEAS Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

6) Big Company-Wide Goal

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (7)

As mentioned earlier, the best DEI programs are embedded within the overall company culture and goals. DEI efforts should not be treated as a checklist, but rather as an ongoing and critical company objective aimed at creating an inclusive culture. By including DEI as a core company pillar, you’re encouraging each employee to add DEI-focused efforts to their goals as well.

What this diversity activity supports: This activity empowers both your leadership team and every employee to prioritize diversity and inclusion activities in order to achieve both their collective and individual goals.

Tip: Utilize employee recognition software to encourage high participation and DEI learning amongst your team.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Host an in-person town hall where leadership can share out the company DEI goals along with the steps planned to achieve them. Be sure to leave time for Q&A towards the end.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Partner with an employee engagement software platform like Kazoo to create special initiatives and rewards for your employees.

7) Follow The Diversity Calendar

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (8)

When trying to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, it’s important that your company calendar reflects that diversity. Your calendar should be inclusive of all multicultural and religious holidays, events, and celebrations. It should also take into account important month-long initiatives such as black history month, women’s history month, and LGBT history month, so you can plan meaningful DEI activities and events accordingly.

What this diversity activity supports: Following the Diversity Calendar helps employees of every background feel included and respected in the workplace.

Tip: Do your research when creating your company’s diversity calendar to ensure you don’t miss any critical holidays, events, or opportunities to host timely DEI activities.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: The month of March is women’s history month, so consider hosting an in-person seminar centered around empowering women in business & how to be an ally.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Host a company-wide virtual webinar with a guest speaker who specializes in a DEI topic that is relevant for that calendar month.

8) Set Up A Diversity Committee

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (9)

Implementing an effective and robust DEI program doesn’t happen overnight and requires some heavy lifting. Rather than saddling down 1 or 2 employees with the task of bringing DEI initiatives to life, create a diversity committee with individuals owning different pieces of your DEI plan.

What this diversity activity supports: Setting up a Diversity Committee helps ensure your DEI goals for every DEI pillar are actually accomplished.

Tip: Create BRGs (Business Resource Groups, also known as Employee Resource Groups) dedicated to different DEI initiatives, such as BIPOC, LGBTQ, Women in Leadership, etc.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Host a quarterly in-person panel event where each member of the Diversity Committee provides progress updates against DEI goals and upcoming DEI events.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Use an HR tool and remote team collaboration platform like monday.com to create a shared workspace for brainstorming ideas and scheduling DEI events.

9) “I Am, But I am Not” Activity

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (10)

(Video) 2022 Learning for a Lifetime in a Diverse Community

“I Am, But I am Not” is a great diversity and inclusion activity that allows your team to self-identify and then explore stereotypes associated with those identification factors. To start, have each team member fold a piece of paper in half. On the left side, they write “I am…” followed by a self-identifier such as gender, age, race, etc. On the right side, they write “but I am not…” followed by a common stereotype about that identifier. This will result in the phrase, “I am ___, but I am not ___.”

What this diversity activity supports: This activity helps colleagues get to know each other better and helps to dispel common misconceptions and stereotypes.

Tip: Have each participant write down 5 “I am, but I am Not” phrases so they are able to pick and choose which statement(s) they’re comfortable sharing with the group.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Break out into small groups in the office and try to include people of different backgrounds in each group. Sharing in a smaller group setting creates a safe space allowing participants to open up more.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Host a virtual version of this DEI activity. Start in a large group call to introduce the activity and review the activity parameters. Then utilize smaller break-out rooms for the actual activity and sharing out of statements.

10) Start a Book Club

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (11)

Starting a book club is an easy yet fun way for employees to explore DEI topics through reading. Books, both fiction and nonfiction, provide readers with a window into different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Book club also provides team members with a great opportunity to have an open dialogue about important DEI topics.

What this diversity activity supports: Reading diverse stories helps employees to empathize with others from different backgrounds or different ethnicities and also explore their own identities in a meaningful way.

Tip: When deciding what books to read, try to select a variety of topics so each month the team is expanding their knowledge. When possible, match up book topics with history months or holidays. For example, May is Mental Health Month, so you could select a book that touches on this topic.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Select a book written by a BIPOC author and gather your book club members together to share their thoughts.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Choose a book from this list of DEI Book Club picks and set up a virtual book club to discuss themes and takeaways from the selection.

11) Have An International Potluck

11 Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Activities For 2022 (12)

What better way to experience different cultures than through food? Hosting an international potluck is an awesome and interactive way for employees to learn more about various cultures. It also helps bring these cultures to life in a unique and delicious way.

What this diversity activity supports: This activity helps employees embrace their own culture through sharing it with others while simultaneously encouraging them to learn more about other cultures.

Tip: If doing this activity in person, create a signup sheet for people to enter what they’ll be making in order to avoid duplicates and track diversity in dishes.

➤ How to do this DEI activity in person: Have employees bring in a dish that celebrates their culture for lunch and encourage your team to talk about their favorite traditions with each other.

➤ How to do this DEI activity virtually: Use a food delivery service like Uber for Business to easily deliver international cuisines to your team.

People Also Ask These Questions About DEI Activities

Q: Why are inclusion and diversity activities important for teams?

  • A: Inclusion and diversity activities are important for teams because they create a workplace environment where all individuals feel safe, seen, and valued.

Q: What are the benefits of doing DEI activities for work?

  • A: Some benefits of doing DEI activities for work include higher employee engagement, an increase in employee happiness, and stronger work output since different perspectives are able to contribute.

Q: What are examples of promoting inclusion?

  • A: Some examples of promoting inclusion are following the Diversity Calendar and setting up BRGs (Business Resource Groups) focused on reaching company DEI goals and creating an inclusive environment.

Q: What is a DEI program?

  • A: A DEI program is an action plan put into place to promote the representation of people from diverse backgrounds and equitable treatment of all employees so their unique needs are met.

Q: How do you implement DEI activities remotely?

  • A: You can implement DEI activities remotely by hosting virtual team lunch and learn events, having guest speakers on webinars, or partnering with external vendors who specialize in virtual DEI events.
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What questions do you still have about diversity equity and inclusion? ›

Top diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) questions answered
  • What is your biggest piece of advice for getting started with DEI? ...
  • How do we get the entire company—including our leadership team—on board with DEI initiatives? ...
  • What would you say is the most difficult part of implementing a DEI program?
25 Jun 2021

What are some examples of inclusion in the workplace? ›

Inclusion in the workplace: examples
  • Creating a sense of belonging. ...
  • Nurturing empathetic leadership. ...
  • Offering employees development opportunities. ...
  • Developing a collaborative environment. ...
  • Making sure employees feel valued. ...
  • Invest in educating leaders. ...
  • Create two-way communication channels.
4 May 2022

How do you answer diversity and inclusion questions? ›

When asked a question about diversity, discuss your direct experiences with people of different cultures. Refrain from saying you don't see color. Instead, explain the value of honoring diverse cultures and learning from others. If you are sincere in your answers to diversity questions, your true character will shine.

What are some good DEI questions? ›

Here are some important DEI questions to consider:
  • Do you feel a sense of belonging at work?
  • Do you feel engaged at work?
  • Do you feel you can be your authentic self at work? ...
  • Are you discriminated against at work? ...
  • Do you feel comfortable with raising concerns about discrimination or harassment?
6 Apr 2022

What is a good DEI question? ›

Tell us about a time when you had to deal with conflict at work. Describe the situation, the actions you took, and the outcome. Describe the most difficult colleague or student you've ever had to deal with at work. Why was he/she challenging?

What are the 6 best strategies for working with diversity? ›

Six Strategies for Embracing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Start the conversation. ...
  • Increase accountability and transparency. ...
  • Develop inclusive leadership skills. ...
  • Notice the diversity (or lack of it) during discussions and decisions. ...
  • Pay attention to how all people are treated. ...
  • Act as a vocal ally.

What are 3 ways to promote diversity? ›

What are the best ways to promote diversity?
  • Educate Managers on the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace.
  • Create More Inclusive Workplace Policies.
  • Communicate Clearly and Create Employee-Led Task Forces.
  • Offer Meaningful Opportunities for Employee Engagement.
  • Create Mentorship Programs.
  • [
22 Aug 2022

What are some examples of questions you might ask in a diversity discussion group? ›

Diversity and Inclusion Panel Questions
  • What is your definition of diversity? ...
  • What is your definition of inclusion? ...
  • Why now? ...
  • What has influenced your thinking around D&I and motivated you to get involved in being an advocate for change?
  • Are there new and/or diverse groups of people in your organization?
11 Aug 2021

How do you answer a DEI question? ›

If an employer is committed to addressing DEI in their workplace, they'll want to know that you both understand the meaning of each word and are committed to promoting the ideals in the workplace. In your answer, discuss the importance of learning about and making space for diverse cultures and experiences.

How do you answer what you can bring to the company? ›

Think about: your enthusiasm for the profession and the employer and your desire to make your mark. your personal qualities, such as your drive and willingness to learn. the skills the employer seeks and how you have demonstrated them in the past – your answer should show why you would be competent in the job.

What are some DEI topics? ›

Here is a list of diversity and inclusion discussion topics that you can look through to enhance your knowledge:
  • Generational Diversity. ...
  • Gender Diversity. ...
  • Sexual Orientation Diversity. ...
  • Intentional Inclusion and Inclusion Training. ...
  • Micro-aggressions. ...
  • Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives.

What are inclusion activities? ›

Diversity and inclusion activities refer to the process of integrating people of different races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds into the workplace culture. Diversity and inclusion activities are intended to promote increasing team participation and a sense of belonging.

How can I make my workplace more inclusive? ›

How do you create an inclusive work culture?
  1. Start from the top. ...
  2. Focus on inclusive recruitment strategies. ...
  3. Provide safe spaces for employees. ...
  4. Connect with employees (but be sensitive). ...
  5. Give employees multiple ways to provide feedback. ...
  6. It fosters a healthy work environment.
3 Aug 2022

How do you answer what does diversity mean to you? ›

Diversity exists when you go above and beyond being aware of differences or accepting differences to the point of actively including people who are different from you. Diversity is learning from our differences to make the whole community a better place.

Why is diversity important short answer? ›

1) Diversity drives creativity and innovation

Every culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way. Similarly, every culture, nationality, and person has different knowledge, perspectives, and points of view. When all of these different views are shared together, miracles can happen.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you answer? ›

I believe that diversity means representation across a wide range of traits, backgrounds, and experiences. When we can connect and engage with coworkers with different perspectives than our own, we can more successfully achieve our overall goals. Inclusion refers to a sense of belonging in any environment.

How do you start a diversity conversation? ›

5 top tips on starting a conversation about Inclusion and...
  1. Make it comfortable. Topics such as racism, transphobia, and islamophobia can be uncomfortable to talk about (but that's a good thing!). ...
  2. Ask for permission. ...
  3. Ask open questions. ...
  4. Listen. ...
  5. Invite others.

How do you demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion? ›

Top 10 ways employers can demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion
  1. Be open about gender pay inequality/equality. ...
  2. Be aware of unconscious bias. ...
  3. Acknowledge religious and cultural holidays. ...
  4. Encourage frequent employee feedback. ...
  5. Be aware of ageism and strive for a multigenerational workforce.

How do you answer what is important to you? ›

How to answer "What is most important to you in your next position?"
  1. Convey your excitement and motivation. Remember that employers are looking for candidates who are intrinsically motivated. ...
  2. Be concise and specific. ...
  3. Prepare a list. ...
  4. Consider the company as a whole.

What are your values answer? ›

Here are some examples of common corporate values at work: Integrity: Acting with honesty and professionalism, and respecting company policies. Collaboration: Working with colleagues and teams to meet joint goals. Accountability: Taking responsibility for actions and decisions both in team and individual projects.

How do you build an inclusive and diverse team? ›

How to Build Diverse Teams
  1. Address all aspects of diversity. ...
  2. Customize your vision and company culture. ...
  3. Redefine your recruiting strategy. ...
  4. Identify and eliminate any bias. ...
  5. Make employees feel valued. ...
  6. Practice empathetic leadership. ...
  7. Celebrate cultural differences. ...
  8. Provide leadership development opportunities.
22 Aug 2022

How do you write a diversity and inclusion strategy? ›

10 Effective Diversity and Inclusion Strategies
  1. Using inclusive language. ...
  2. Challenging unconscious biases. ...
  3. Educating leadership. ...
  4. Mentoring. ...
  5. Cultural events. ...
  6. Diversity training. ...
  7. Core company values. ...
  8. Create an environment that is suited to everyone.

What are the six principles of equity in the workplace? ›

The six principles of work equity are diversity, inclusion, equal opportunity, fairness, transparency, and accountability. Combined, they create a fair and inclusive workplace where all individuals have equivalent job and promotion opportunities.

How do you empower diversity? ›

How to Empower Diverse Employees
  1. Rethink your hiring practices. If you want to promote diverse employees into management positions, you need diverse employees to begin with. ...
  2. Focus on retention. ...
  3. Protect your employees. ...
  4. Don't reward conformity. ...
  5. Question your decisions. ...
  6. Get leadership buy-in.
19 Jul 2018

How do you demonstrate respect to diversity? ›

How to respect diversity in a school or work environment
  1. Accept people's differences but find common ground. ...
  2. Learn something new from people that are different to you, don't shut it down. ...
  3. Make sure you give everyone a chance to have an opinion. ...
  4. Avoid using stereotypes and recognise and address your own bias.

What is inclusion example? ›

Inclusion is defined as the state of being included or being made a part of something. When multiple people are all invited to be part of a group, this is an example of inclusion.

What are some inclusion goals? ›

Examples of diversity and inclusion goals
  • Improve awareness of diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace. ...
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. ...
  • Start a mentorship program for diverse employees. ...
  • Start an ERG (Employee Resource Groups) ...
  • Develop strategies to recruit talent from diverse backgrounds.
17 Feb 2022

What is diversity and inclusion in simple words? ›

Diversity and inclusion are two interconnected concepts—but they are far from interchangeable. Diversity is about representation or the make-up of an entity. Inclusion is about how well the contributions, presence and perspectives of different groups of people are valued and integrated into an environment.

How do you make diversity training fun? ›

DIY Diversity Training Games
  1. Split participants into groups of four to ten.
  2. Give them art supplies, including a large piece of paper and markers.
  3. Ask them to draw a large flower with a circular center and petals. ...
  4. Ask each team member to fill a petal with a quality that is unique to them.
22 Sept 2022

What's in a name DEI activity? ›

In this activity, team members will share their first name and any history or story that name might represent for them, such as: the meaning of their name, who they were named for, why they were given that name, or why they chose the name for themselves.

What are Inclusion Games? ›

Adapted Inclusive Games

These games take ideas and activities that the children are familiar with but put a twist on them to help them understand how people have different needs that should be accommodated so everyone can enjoy the game.

What are examples of multicultural activities? ›

Examples of multicultural activities for kids
  • Reading children's stories that promote diversity.
  • Getting classroom materials that are culturally diverse.
  • Updating wall art for diverse representation.
  • Playing games from different cultures.
  • Listening to music from different cultures.
28 Jan 2022

What are the 4 types of diversity in the classroom? ›

How Diversity Affects the Classroom. Much discussion about diversity focuses on the following forms of marginalization: race, class, gender, and sexual orientation — and rightfully so, given the importance of these forms of difference.

What are some Dei topics? ›

Here is a list of diversity and inclusion discussion topics that you can look through to enhance your knowledge:
  • Generational Diversity. ...
  • Gender Diversity. ...
  • Sexual Orientation Diversity. ...
  • Intentional Inclusion and Inclusion Training. ...
  • Micro-aggressions. ...
  • Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives.

What are inclusion activities? ›

Diversity and inclusion activities refer to the process of integrating people of different races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds into the workplace culture. Diversity and inclusion activities are intended to promote increasing team participation and a sense of belonging.

How do you demonstrate inclusion? ›

  1. 7 Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Everyday Life. ...
  2. 1 / Mindful communication: listen more, talk carefully. ...
  3. 2 / Challenge stereotypes. ...
  4. 3 / Avoid assumptions. ...
  5. 4 / Ask yourself and others (the right) questions. ...
  6. 5 / Be aware of your privileges. ...
  7. 6 / Be proactive in educating yourself on the topic.
25 Jul 2019

How do you promote diversity and inclusion virtually? ›

Inclusion in a Virtual Workplace
  1. Accommodate each employee's needs. Don't assume that employees who need accommodations are comfortable asking for them. ...
  2. Encourage connection to foster inclusiveness. ...
  3. Practice inclusive meeting behaviors. ...
  4. Provide mental health support.

How do you implement DEI in the workplace? ›

DEI Strategies in the Workplace
  1. Embrace the Power of Employee Resource Groups. ...
  2. Prioritize Women's Development. ...
  3. Reframe the Role of Coaching. ...
  4. Seek Buy-In from Senior Leaders. ...
  5. Consider DEI from the Start. ...
  6. Measure Your DEI Efforts. ...
  7. Prioritize Open Communication.
27 Jul 2022

How do you celebrate diversity day at work? ›

10 Ways to Celebrate Diversity Month at Your Workplace
  1. Host lunch and learns. ...
  2. Start a diversity book club. ...
  3. Plan a potluck happy hour. ...
  4. Create a culture and diversity channel on Slack. ...
  5. Visit a cultural art exhibit. ...
  6. Host an international movie night. ...
  7. Learn a dance. ...
  8. Sign up for a DEI course.


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